Complex Nonlinearities Epsiode 2: Harmonic Exciter

Implementation: Level Detector

Rectifying Nonlinearity

  1. Ideal Full Wave Rectifier: The idea here is that the positive half of the waveform is left unchanged, while the negative half is flipped to be positive. Mathematically this is the same as the absolute value operation.
  2. Ideal Half Wave Rectifier: Similar to the Full Wave Rectifier, the positive part of the signal is unchanged, but for the Half Wave Rectifier, the negative part of the waveform is set to zero.
  3. Schockley Diode: A diode is a circuit element that is often used in rectifying circuits. For our purposes, we can think of it as a less ideal Half Wave Rectifier. For a mathematical treatment of Schockley Diodes, see here.

Lowpass Filter

Level Detector Example

Implementation: Nonlinearity

Putting It All Together







Jatin Chowdhury is a student.

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Jatin Chowdhury

Jatin Chowdhury

Jatin Chowdhury is a student.

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